What to wear canoeing?

Canoeing is a great way to spend your day outdoors. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. You don’t need much gear, either – just some shoes or sandals, clothes appropriate for the weather, sunscreen, and sunglasses (if you’ll be out in the sun). However, what should you wear? There are many factors that affect how comfortable you will be on the water – from what time of year it is to what type of canoeing outfit you choose. In this article we will explore some popular choices so read on!

What to wear canoeing?

– The type of canoeing that you’ll be doing will largely dictate what to wear. Canoeing is a popular activity in the summer time, but can also happen during other times of year as well. If it’s winter or if you’re going go on longer trips where there may be water over your head (such as whitewater), then wearing synthetic materials are best so they don’t absorb water and weight down the body too much when wet. It may also help to pack extra clothes for these excursions because staying warm is important no matter how you dress!

– In warmer weather, cotton shirts and pants work great – just remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses! These items should dry quickly after getting wet which makes them ideal for canoeing.

Wear a shoe that is lightweight and easy to take off. Canoes can often be found near water, so it’s always best to have footwear you’re comfortable taking off quickly because this will keep the inside of your shoes from filling up with sand or mud which would make them heavier and more difficult to put back on. This way, we’ll also save both time and energy for paddling!

– If there are any rocks around (or if the bottom of your boat is made out of some type of hard material), socks might be best as they help protect our feet from scrapes while still allowing us feel what’s going on underfoot!

– Flip-flops are the perfect shoe option for warm weather days because they dry quickly and have a large surface area which makes them easy to paddle with. Tennis shoes also work well, just be sure not to wear any socks so your feet can breathe in their natural environment!

– It may feel hot on land but once you get into an icy cold lake or river it’s important that you dress appropriately. A wet suit is usually best if there will be water over your head (and remember: orange life vests!) while what to wear when canoeing will largely depend on where you’re going and what season it is.

What not to wear when canoeing?

– The most important thing to remember when canoeing is that cotton will absorb water and it doesn’t dry quickly. It’s also not the best material because a wet shirt or pants can make you colder and clings to your skin so it might be uncomfortable for long periods of time.

– Jeans are made from cotton so they should never be worn while canoeing unless they’re waterproof (and even then, jeans lead to chaffed thighs). If you want ideas for what to wear on land before hitting the river, check out this post!

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