What is Canoeing and What are the Benefits of Doing It?

Canoeing, in its simplest form, is a recreational activity where one sits in a canoe while paddling with two sticks called “oars.” The oars used for paddle can be made out of wood, plastic or metal. When people think about canoeing they imagine scenes from movies portraying rivers flowing through scenic landscapes.

A person who enjoys this sport will often have an opportunity to enjoy nature from a different perspective as well as physically demanding it usually requires strength and stamina more than anything else! Often times paddlers might need to stop at various points along their route to take in the scenery, which is what makes canoeing so relaxing.

In this article we will discuss what canoeing is exactly and what the different types of events that can be participated in for recreational purposes. We will also go over some of the benefits of doing it like increased physical fitness levels and improved cardiovascular health.

Benefits of canoeing:

– Exercise – It is a great and fun way to get in shape. Muscles all over your body will be engaged while paddling against currents or just leisurely on flat waters. This type of fitness activity helps improve strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance (burning calories). The workout can range from light to intense depending on what you want out of it so there’s no need for anyone with any level of physical ability to feel left behind and discouraged when trying this sport because they may not have the same stamina as someone else who engages more often.

– Weight Loss – Yes! You read that right. A canoe trip down an open river might seem like one big feast but that’s not what you’ll come home with at the end of the day. It may seem like a lot of work and it definitely is but it will result in more calories burned than eaten, which equals weight loss!

– Family Time – Whether your kids are young or old fitting some canoeing into their schedule can be beneficial for them as well as yourself. Kids might feel discouraged when they want to try new things that don’t sound all that appealing to them just because they’re different from what they’ve done before so introducing them gradually and easing them into something new could make a big difference in how willing they are to participate again next time around.

– Stress Relief – Paddling along on still water is one way to clear your mind and get some time to think about the things you care about. The rhythmic nature of paddling can be a grounding exercise that really benefits your mental well being in addition to getting out into natural settings like forests or along the coast with all their sights, sounds, smells, and wildlife!

– Good for All Levels – Canoeing is one of those activities where there’s no judgment when it comes to how experienced someone might be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything before or if you’re an expert but everyone will enjoy themselves regardless since canoeing has something tailored towards any skill level .

– Nature Connection – Canoeing is a great way to get out into nature while still being comfortable. Getting close enough to wildlife that you can see them without the interference of glass or bars, hearing what sounds they make and smelling their natural scent are all things that many people miss when they’re not outside exploring on foot but with canoeing these experiences are easier accessed since it’s such an immersive activity!

– One hour of time spent in solitude on the water will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace with the world. The rhythmic sound of your paddle dipping into the water, seeing and hearing nature around you in a way that’s not possible from inside an office is sure to leave you feeling refreshed with a sense of peace after just one hour on the water

– Enhanced Flexibility – Canoeing also provides all over body relief for those who suffer from stiff or sore muscles due to being hunched over a desk at work for hours. You may have noticed this if you’ve ever tried kayaking before but there are wide stretches during canoe trips where you’re outstretched with both arms reaching overhead in order to bring it back down again which helps stretch out your shoulders as well as release tension throughout your back .

– Clear Water & Beautiful Scenery – It’s not just about physical exercise, though that might be one good reason on its own! One of the best parts of canoeing is the opportunity to see wildlife and take in lots of scenery, which may include other canoes or kayaks on the water as well as beautiful views

– Nature Therapy – There’s a reason people often feel refreshed after spending time outdoors. The natural world has been shown to reduce stress levels and provide lower blood pressure while absorbing more oxygen than being indoors

– Socializing with Friends & Family – You’ll also have plenty of opportunities for socializing when you go out on your own boat but if you’re able both enjoy peace and quiet by yourself while still meeting up with friends at different points along the river then it’s an added bonus!

Types of Canoeing events that can be participated in for recreational purposes:

  • Solo or,
  • Competitive Events (depending on the type).

Solo event types include Freestyle Slalom and Marathon Racing. These are both relatively short courses with different set rules to abide by depending on what is being competed. The competitive events have a few more variations such as time trials and sprint races but all require participants to paddle at high speeds across lakes and rivers. They also vary based off skill level where novice competitors will race against themselves while experts compete against each other in head-to-head matches made up of three rounds that last two minutes long each .

What are competitive canoeing events?

Competitive events are more often than not sponsored by the Canadian Canoe Association. These events are divided into two categories that include open and solo. The Open category is for all competitors, including a mix of males and females in separate heats with only one winner to take home the prize money for their team. Solo event types include Freestyle Slalom and Marathon Racing. These are both relatively short courses with different set rules to abide by depending on what is being competed. The competitive events have a few more variations such as time trials and sprint races but all require participants to paddle at high speeds across lakes and rivers

Competitive canoeing can be likened to many other sports like cycling or running since it requires skillful use of paddles, balance in order not fall out while also maintaining speed when racing towards an opponent . It also requires a certain level of endurance because the races are often physically demanding.

In addition to competitive sports, canoeing is also an enjoyable way for people who don’t want to participate in competitions or put their skills on display can enjoy it too! It is relatively inexpensive and easy to learn if you have access to a boat so this makes it easier than other expensive watersports such as scuba diving. Not only that but there’s no age limit when it comes to learning how to use a kayak or canoe since anyone with enough balance and coordination can do it

Overall, canoeing offers one of the most refreshing ways for humans not just adults but children too! There’s never been anything more relaxing then gliding across water without having to worry about what’s below the surface or how you’re going to get back.

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