How much does a canoe weigh?

A canoe is a type of boat that was traditionally made by Native Americans. They are typically very light and easy to carry around, which makes them convenient for people who go on long trips.

So how much does a canoe weigh?

Canoes are very lightweight and easy to carry around, which is a good thing for people who go on long trips. The average weight of a canoe varies from about eight kilograms up to 20 kilograms or more depending on the size of the boat. If you’re looking for a light canoe that’s between 16-20 pounds, then your options include ones made by Alpacka Rafts, Old Town Canoe Company, Wilderness Systems’ Dagger Tarpon 100X and Wenonah’s Prospector 15MKII/16M.

A Lightweight option weighing only 12 Pounds (with seats) might be worth considering if portability is one of your priorities: this includes Kelty Kampsite Lite 14TKi as well as Wenonah’s Prospector 16MKi.

A typical weight of a canoe is around 60-80 pounds and that would be considered average to heavy when it comes to portability.

If you’re looking for an extra long (17-20 feet) or wide (30 inches+) boat, then your options might include Alpacka Rafts’ Tarpon 120X, Old Town Canoe Company’s Guide 160Tandem/190SL or Wilderness Systems’ Dagger Tarpouse 100XL.

Boats that weigh less than 30 lbs are not very common but if you need something lightweight, try the Coleman Bayou 17XT with seats which weighs only 24lbs! The kayaks by Ocean Kayak can also be a good option, especially if you are looking for something that is easy to transport when on the water.

In conclusion, a canoe will weigh anywhere from 60-80 pounds, which is pretty average.

Hopefully that cleared up any confusion you may have had! Remember: always be sure to measure your boat before buying it so you can make sure it’s the right size for what you need and also how much weight it will carry. If not, then this information should at least help provide a better understanding of how boats generally compare in terms of weight.

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