This is a steering stroke used by both bowman and sternman to modify the course of their canoe. Both bowman and sternman perform the stroke the same way, but the effect is quite different. A right draw in the bow turns the boat to the right, while a right draw in the stern turns the boat to the left, and vice versa.

diagram of how the "draw" is used to stear your canoe

first part of the draw stroke - reach your paddle out to the side

Begin the draw by reaching as far as you can to the side, keeping your paddle as vertical as possible. Both arms should be straight, and your top arm should be extending over your head.

second part of the draw stroke - pull paddle strait towards you

Pull the paddle directly toward the boat.

third part of the draw stroke - stop pulling towards you when you reach the side of your canoe

When you stop pulling, your paddle should be vertical and practically touching the side of the canoe.

forth part of the draw stoke - "slice" your paddle out of the water behind you

To finish your draw, slice your paddle out of the water behind you, then feather around to the starting position for your next stroke.

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