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Welcome canoe instructors! You’re not the first to visit this site while looking around to see what people are finding online about learning to canoe, or looking for ideas while putting together a canoe course or a class manual.

I’m glad your here, because as any canoe instructor would know, it’s impossible to learn canoeing by reading about it – you have to get out on the water and do it! So if you’re willing, let me help people hook up with you! Please join this directory so visitors can find you.

Annnd…Copyright Info.

For the record, everything on this site is the original work of Brandy Minter (except the canoeing icon in the header, which is in the public domain.) And though I haven’t plastered copyright notices everywhere, by law I inherently own the copyright over everything on this website. If you’d like to copy any portion of it, to use for pretty much anything, please just send me a note explaining what you want to use it for and ask my permission. Chances are GREAT you’ll get an immediate yes, and can then use images and/or text with a clear conscience. All I will probably want in return is for you to mail me a copy of whatever you’re using my work in.

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